Welcome to our food travel guide through Europe! Our first stage is going to be la belle France, we start from the South, specifically Lyon and are then going to pick other must taste places in this country. Wondering what our next city is going to be? Stay tuned! 

1.Saint Marcellin

We are speaking about a soft French cheese, made from cow’s milk. Perfect to take with a glass of wine for the aperitif or also as a dessert accompanied by a sweet liquor.

   2. Rosette

Cochonaille, this word is often used in the area of Lyon to refer to pork products, which are more commonly named “Charcuterie” in other parts of France. In Lyon, people are used to repeating these words: “Tout est bon dans le cochon !” (which literally means that there are no wasted parts in pork).

Meat is a very important component in the French cuisine, especially Rosette, which is probably the most famous product from Lyon. It is a large cured sausage, which has been dried for two or three months. You can find this dish everywhere, whether it is at lunchtime or for dinner.

   3. Gratins

Generally speaking, people from Lyon love “gratins” and you will often find gratins if you were to go to Lyon. Not only can they be made of potatoes, but also with pasta or vegetables. Leeks gratin is very popular and so are pumpkin and onion gratins.

   4. Matefaim

This really common French dessert is a mix of crêpes and a cake. Most of the time, matefaim is made from apples but you can also eat pear or potato matefaim, which makes it even richer! This dessert has evolved as a thick salty or sweet crêpe made of flour, eggs and water, with cheese (for a savoury matefaim) or with milk, sugar and fruits (for a sweet matefaim).

    5. Bugnes

Are very famous desserts from the Lyon area, coming originally from Savoie before spreading to the West. Bugnes from Lyon are fried doughnuts, which are cooked in very hot oil and are quite thin and crispy. To give them a nicer taste and in order to hide its oiliness, bugnes can be cooked with lemon or orange blossom.