Working in a good company is cool but being a part of a team is way better!

Effective communication between a company and its employees helps enable you to improve business and motivation. If workers feel confident and happy they will truly give their very best for the company.

We have 4 tips to develop your corporate culture to greet and truly meet, your people.

  1. Go on, have a drink with your team

Be a bit of fun! Offer to finish work one day an hour early and invite your team to go to a pub for few drinks. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and enables everyone to talk about something else other than business. It's the first step to successful team building!

  1. Share a meal together

How about lunch?  Allow your team to take a real break during the working day or invite them to a restaurant after a long and busy week. There is no better way to be thankful than with food!

  1. Plan a day trip

Organise a paid day off work for your team or perhaps extend it to a few days if possible.

Lots of trips and activities can suit larger groups of people.  Group pricing can often represent better deals so why not make getting out of town your next team building adventure. Its an ideal opportunity to see your colleagues in a more relaxed and informal way allowing a stress free environment in order to get to know one another.  

  1. Plan an event

Team building is all about new experiences and fun, therefore organising an event or a party seems a fantastic idea!

See the humour in a Murder Mystery weekend or Escape Game which tend to work really well with employment related teams.  Where more corporate style events such as dinners and high class receptions allow your team to experience various cuisine sensations, in venues with charm and character. Whatever experience you choose, we can assure you it’s one of the best ways to keep your team proud as well as grateful.

Families too can be invited to your event. Often your employees make sacrifices to be part of your organisation and these sacrifices and their effect on their loved ones should clearly be recognized. This sends a positive message of your gratitude to have them on board, at the same time treating those closest to them to a grand experience as well. 


Any YOUnique plans for your team then?