Here we are for our next stop, we are still in France, but this time it is going to be MARSEILLE, let’s jump into what they have to offer. 


we are talking about a fish soup, the basic recepie is composed from at least 4 different types of fish which could be: scorpion fish, red mullet, conger eel and gurnard.


is an alcoholic aperitif flavored with anise typical of France (born in the city of Marseille), with an alcohol content usually around 40-45%, even if there are non-alcoholic versions of the drink. Its name comes from the Occitan pastís, which means “mess” or “mixture” in this language.


this is a specialty made from chickpeas, very popular in Marseille. This snack can be eaten cold but also hot and it is also served in different shapes: form little cubes, to pancake shape to how you see it in the picture.


the dough is usually a bread dough thicker than that of the classic pizza Margherita, and the traditional topping consists of usually caramelised (almost pureed) onions, black olives, and anchovies (whole, and sometimes also with pissalat, a type of anchovy paste).


is an olive paste or spread most associated with Provence, an area in the south of French, though it is popular in other Mediterranean countries such as Spain.
You can use it as a dip for vegetables, mix some into pasta, salad dressings, spread on breads, etc.
It is usually made by puréeing black olives, garlic, olive oil, capers and anchovies.