And here we are at our next stop: UTRECHT, this time we are in the Netherlands.

Dutch people have quite a lot of snacks to offer and you are able to find them almost everywhere you go! So let’s get started! 



This is a typical Dutch tradition, it’s a smell soused raw fish with a strong taste, very popular especially in Amsterdam but also in the other big cities. Herring is served on a paper plate with onions and pickles. Generally, they chop the fish into little pieces or served on bread. Traditionally, however, it has to be eaten by holding the fish by its tail, dipping it in onions and letting the slippery raw fish then slide into your mouth.


A fried roll containing mash potatoes or ground meat. The funny thing about this snack is where it is sold. On the streets, there are these machines where you have to put the correct amount of coins and then open this little box and you can take your hot croquettes ready to eat.


These little pancakes are a traditional Dutch treat. Resembling small, fluffy pancakes, made with yeast. Typically, poffertjes are sweet, served with powdered sugar and butter, and sometimes syrup.


One of the best cookies you could ever eat! Dutch people have a really good taste! Basically, as you can see in the picture, there are two cookies that stick together with a layer of syrup. No matter in which supermarket you go, you will find them for sure!


a soft, creamy and delicious Dutch dessert! In the Netherlands, it’s an iconic treat. It must be rectangular, with two layers of puff pastry. The icing is smooth and pink, or occasionally white. For many years, however, the top layer has been orange on King’s Day.