1. Cheesecake

Cheese-lovers, these YOUnique cakes are for you.   Cheesecake wedding cakes might not be as pretty as the traditional sponge cakes but they are totally worthy! New and original, cheesecakes are definitely a tasty option for your guests to discover new flavours, tastes and textures.  Plus it's fairly simple to make and easily decorated by adding your own YOUnique touch by dressing it up with colourful edible flowers and decorations.  Leaving it all up to your own imagination.


2. All vegan

Vegan is undoubtedly the food trend to follow in 2017. Don’t listen to stereotypes, eating vegan does not mean going on a diet, it only means no animal produce. Dark chocolate is vegan for example...which is always good to know! Enjoy new products and flavours for you and your guests. You will find some menu examples on the Kemp & Kemp website.


3. Brunch

Brunch is a great idea for a small & intimate daytime wedding. If you are opting for a mid-morning ceremony you can then move on to your reception quite early and have a brunch buffet for all your guests. Anything from salty and sweet food, classic English Breakfast to various other culinary cultural delights, you have the freedom to mix up the flavours and food to create your own YOUnique brunch. If you are on a tight budget, a Brunch Buffet will satisfy you and your guests appetite, whilst allowing you to save money with less staff and service, simpler food with still good quality.

Brunch is definitely the best price-quality option and will make your gathering even more friendly!

4. Food truck

Fancy Street food and food truck? Create your own village with several options from the pizza van, to the burger van, the ice cream van or even the Prosecco van. You can also choose a food truck that will create different type of food for you and your guests. Getting a Food truck on your wedding venue is easy and it’s always a YOUnique opportunity!

What type of food do you fancy tonight ?

5. Molecular gastronomy

Looking for an unusual food experience for your wedding? Molecular gastronomy is the answer! Outstanding and innovative, this type of Cuisine is transforming the dining experience into an emotional and sensory experience with many outburst of flavours. Molecular cuisine will satisfy luxury weddings and the ones looking for perfection, beauty in the plate and of course the discovery of new flavours and textures.

Wow factor guaranteed !