The best part of your wedding planning might be the honeymoon! All the work you’ve done for more than a year deserves a good holiday with wonder and magic! In case you are lacking inspiration, we are here to help with unforgettable honeymoon picks unforgettable.


Tahiti, Bora bora… so many wonderful places to discover with love! From Tahitian dance lesson, to sightseeing and water activities, this country is full of memorable activities. Classic love destination, your will deserve the romance, the beauty and change of scenery Polynesia will offer you.

South Africa

Looking for an unusual honeymoon? South Africa will answer your thirst for nature. The country’s history, culture and nature with its surroundings landscape and animals will surely seduce you. There is so much to explore, are you ready for a lovebird’s safari?


Breathtaking, Cuba is going to send you in another world. Put on your bests shoes and start dancing the salsa of your life, while enjoying the best cigars and rum in the country. Cuba’s natural beauty, old fashioned colonial buildings, La Habana and exquisite beaches will make your honeymoon YOUnique and truly romantic.


The more the merrier! Why choosing only one destination for your honeymoon when you can have a choice of over 13,000 islands in Indonesia. From Bali to the remote island of Sumba, your honeymoon will be absolutely stunning. Quiet, romantic places, enjoy the best sand beaches while celebrating your love. Tropical shores, Buddhist temples, wild cliffs and forests, explore your love in the wild, quiet and romantic Indonesia.


Get inspired by this magical and spiritual experience. The colorful India will give you all the adventure you need with Lakshwadeep, Manali, Jaysalmer or some romantic ballads in Andaman, Nicobar Islands and Matheran. Wear your most beautiful Sari and dive in one of the richest culture, exploring places like the Gully Falls Island. Spice up your honeymoon in India!


And last but not the least, Iceland is purely YOUnique and magical! Experience true romance in the land of fire and ice. Surely YOUnique honeymoon destination, Iceland will bring your honeymoon to the next level. Explore this volcanic island with hiking, horse riding, hot springs like the Blue Lagoon to finish your day closer to the stars with the Northern lights. Magical and adventurous, isn’t it?


What will be your destination?