Love is in the air!  One of the biggest and exciting moments of your life is when you propose marriage or be proposed to. It’s a story that will be told to your friends and family for years to come. There is no perfect proposal, just what is perfect for the two of you. We offer here some proposal ideas in hope to inspire you.


Beach Proposal

A Beach proposal is the best choice for laid back couples. The waves give a peaceful sound and the views are magnificent. 

Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Unafraid of heights? Well this romantic proposal is certainly going to take you places with the respondent.  

Sky Writing or Plane Banner Proposal

Stay on the ground with this one!  This idea is for the flush, but whatever gets their attention right?

Ferris Wheel Proposal

An oldie but a you've just got to find the closest one!

A Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a fun and mysterious way to propose, a scavenger hunt is the right choice. Leaving clues and notes that leads your partner to the treasure which is in the form of “Will you marry me” with a diamond ring.


Coffee Lover

If she is a coffee lover, then imagine your partner’s surprise when you make her a morning breakfast in bed accompanied by a special mug and at the bottom of the mug the words “Marry me?” are written.

A Private Outdoor Cinema

If you are looking for a simple, yet romantic proposal how about your own private outdoor cinema showing a movie of your special moments on the big screen.

Where you first met

Perhaps the place where you both first met has a special meaning? Heading back to where it all began is always a great way to propose.