A wedding is such a unique day for you and your groom and of course for your clothes. With Spring getting closer, get ready to embrace the colours by picking a dress as far away as possible from the traditional white one. Play with colours, fabric, accessories and shape, be wild and create your own style. That way you’ll be outstanding and so will your day and pictures!

To help you in your choice, we selected some colourful and quirky wedding dresses we love, please tell us about your favourite!

1. The quirky princess dress

Fully quirky, those dresses will give you all the colours you need. Rainbow, pink, warm colours, nothing is too good for your day and we love it. Those dresses are breathing freedom, personality and you are the new princesses!

The only thing try to match your colours with your wedding style and of course avoid any accessories.

Tip: Pick a flower bouquet with the same colours or add colourful crown in your hair.

2. Majestic Tulle gowns

Colour is sometimes not enough. Hopefully Tulle exists to create majestic long and fluid dresses for a true fairy tale. If you decide on rustic wedding, winter wedding or even traditional wedding, tulle goes with everything and makes you even more fabulous. Why not go for it?

Tip: Why not hide your colours under your dress to bring together quirky and tradition?

3. Glitter and sequins

Fancy glitter? Good news we found some stunning dresses as colourful as glittery! Covered with gold glitters, silver or even pink, those elegant and quirky dresses will surely stand out in a rustic or boho wedding. You can even match your flowers for seasonal inspiration. 

Tip: Avoid accessories to keep the attention on your dress.

4. The crop-top

Surely the perfect summer wedding dress!  Trendy this year, the Crop-Top dress is as elegant as quirky and stands out beautifully. Why not match a colored top with pastel shades? With the Crop-top you have the freedom to brings your personality to a very elegant dress so don’t be shy, have fun!

Tip: Play with different fabrics and colours to create something YOUnique!

tea vintage

5. The vintage

Tea length wedding dresses are back in town! Fresh and summery they add the vintage touch we all love. Match your dress with colourful accessories, vintage shoes and play with fabric to go wild on vintage.  

Tip: Vintage dress does not mean vintage wedding. Colour, rock’n roll accessories, crazy hair, your vintage dress can give a totally different style to your wedding. It’s yours to make.  

Did you make your choice?

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