You are probably living in a cave if you haven’t noticed this trend yet! To sum up, it’s the new shinning headpiece: mermaid crowns use shells, sparkles, charms, and other hints of whimsy to look like those special and inspiring creatures.

There are more than 4,000 posts logged under #mermaidcrown on Instagram showing people wearing these magical headpieces for many occasions such as: festivals, Halloween, parties… and much more.

Get inspired for a new unique and original wedding theme with these stunning crowns. No matter the venue you choose, all eyes will be on you with this trendy accessory.

Lots of websites specialised in handmade mermaid crown are spreading on internet.

Here is the link to buy some of them we particularly love:

But if you are creative enough, you welcome to try your own DIY crown:

Don’t hesitate to send us photographs of your creation on our Facebook page, we will be proud to share them!