Your wedding is THE day. Your moment will be magical, and you will say Yes when your will catch all the LOVE your partner has for you in his eyes. Magic will be there for sure but you can still bring more magic to your wedding with a theme. That way, your guests will also dive into your world and have some of the best memories.

1. Doctor Who

Dreaming of flying in the Tardis? Bring your Phone Box to your wedding and wear your best blue outfits, it's a lucky colour anyway. Try not to exterminate too quickly the wedding cake though!

Doctor Who flowers
Doctor Who shoes
Doctor Who cake
Doctor Who groom
Doctor Who 5
Doctor Who invitation
Doctor Who detail
Doctor Who 6
Doctor Who rings

2. Lego

Everything is awesome, especially your wedding! Game on brides and grooms, start building your life with a great and colourful wedding. All your guests will have fun, from the kids to the adults, the Lego theme is for you!

Lego Mr & Mrs
Lego The Bride
Lego Cake
Lego Table
Lego Building our love
Lego Table Number
Lego bouquet

3. The Great Gatsby

Bring the atmosphere of Francis Scott Fitzgerald into your wedding reception for a magnificent and unforgettable wedding day. The black and gold shades will match with glitter and your glasses of Champagne. Of course, if you want to make your wedding day even greater, you can still send an invitation to Leonardo DiCaprio!

Gatsby Bride dress
Gatsby Glasses
Gatsby Groom suit
Gatsby Guests
Gatsby Shoes
Gatsby Table

4. Harry Potter

For a fall or winter wedding you might choose even more magic and bring your best scarf to your wedding. A Harry Potter theme is also a good way to organise games with your guests in picking your own team, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter Newly weds
Harry Potter Wizard decoration
Harry Potter Table
Harry Potter Cake

5. Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to the maddest wedding theme of all, welcome to Wonderland. Quirky and colourful, your wedding will surely stay in your guests' minds. So put on your finest hats, prepare your cup of tea and your "Eat me" biscuits, and warn your guests not to be late otherwise, the rabbit may well be angry ...

Alice in Wonderland Dress
Alice in Wonderland Eat me
Alice in Wonderland Groom suit
Alice in Wonderland Decoration

6. Beauty and the Beast

No one breaks hearts like Gaston...or your groom maybe? Did you ever wanted to bring the fairy tale of your youth into your wedding day? Wear your most beautiful yellow gown and "Lumière", walk the isle to find your Prince before the rose fades.

Beauty and the Beast Groom
Beauty and the Beast Chair
Beauty and the Beast Reception
Beauty and the Beast Table number
Beauty and the Beast Rose
Beauty and the Beast Cake