Sometimes one just need a break. We have collected our favorite destinations for when we want to steer away from the tourist packed streets of Paris and Milano and experience something more authentic.


The Danish capitol Copenhagen is the perfect destination for a cozy winter break. The city runs in a slow pace, and the streets are filled with bicycles and cozy cafés. Copenhagen is packed with old historical buildings and museums, so keep your eyes open when you walk through the narrow streets. We recommend visiting the National Museum of Art and “Rundetårn”, which is an historic tower that offers the best view of the city. If you fancy something more upbeat, visit the autonomous Freetown Christiania. The Freetown is a small hippie community, where tourists can experience the quirky houses and the eccentric population. If you fancy a bit of retail therapy, Copenhagen offers a great selection of both high-street and high-end brands. For the fashion interested traveler the GANNI store is a must see, which makes contemporary and fun clothes for the Scandinavian woman. The city offers many great culinary experiences, and one cannot go without having the iconic open-faced sandwich on rye. Porridge and cinnamon buns are also popular (and really delicious). For transportation, we recommend renting a bike since it's the quickest and most convenient method of transportation in the city.


Vienna is the capitol of Austria and one of the most culturally and musically rich cities in the world. The Museum of Fine Art, Belvedere, Albertina and the Leopoldsmuseum are all spectacular museums filled with work by renowned artists. Vienna is often reffered to as the “City of Music” which makes sense considering the city´s impressive musical heritage that includes names such as Beethoven and Mozart. The city now offers many impressive venues, where one must go for a divine musical experience. After all of these cultural experiences, go for a relaxing stroll in the City Park, which is Vienna’s oldest park. When you´re hungry opt for a classic Schnitzel, and have it with an Almdudler (popular Austrian soda). If you're in the mood for something sweet, we recommend a piece of warm Apfelstrudel.


The Hungarian capitol Budapest is the defiantly the most underrated on the list. The city which is divided in half by the Danube river is filled with beautiful historical buildings. The most majestic of them is the parliament, which is a must-see! Budapest is famous for their thermal baths located all over the city. Here you can relax in jacuzzis and pools inside magnificent old buildings decorated with colorful tiles. We recommend taking a stroll along the river and crossing the beautiful bridges. If you fancy getting away from the noise of the city, you can walk over to the Margaret Island. This tiny island located on the river functions as the citizens’ favorite park. After all that walking, indulge in a big bowl of Goulash which is, literally, served everywhere. A big bonus of Budapest is the low-price point, so you don’t have to hold back on shopping and taxi fares.