Want to leave an impression at your next event? To wow your guests as the host you definitely need to know everything about the latest catering trends as people are a lot more into cookery nowadays.


Food Walls

Fascinated by this ombré macaron wall? If you have never seen a food wall before, we are sure  you will have the chance to try a doughnut, pretzel or any other food from those walls this year, as they will certainly gain more attention at events in 2018.


Latin American Cuisine

Food specialists predict that the cuisine dished up in South America, especially in Mexico, will be of more international interest this year. Maybe you will get the chance to sample new flavours and foods, like alpaca meat or Patacones, that are fried green plantain slices.


Instagrammable Items

This is one of the trends that is going to continue for certain in the New Year. Catering provider will also consider the inclusion of visually-appealing elements in their cuisine to make their cookery worth social-sharing.


Experiential Cuisine

Also experiential food stalls where attendees of an event can see how the ingredients are cooked, should take off the next year. We will see if it will occur as expected!


Tacos with International-Inspired Fillings

Instead of the usual Mexican tacos, more extraordinary and unique fillings from pork seasoned with adobo to Japanese seaweed will be a growing trend  this year!


Plant-Based Proteins

The trend towards veganism will persist and entail diverse meat-free and plant-based proteins, like tofu, quinoa or Organic Edamame, for instance.