Did you set any resolutions or goals for 2018? In case you negate this question, it is definitely now the time to do so.

We will present you some popular and widespread New Year’s Resolution Ideas and will advise you on achieving each of them.

First of all, it’s vitally important to focus on only one resolution at once. Don’t set plenty of different objectives in attempts to makeover your life, as you will probably end attaining none of your aims. After you have achieved this one resolution, you can tackle the next challenge.

Another tip we recommend you, is to commit to 21 days, as this is said to be the amount of time you need to form a habit. If you stick to that you can very likely be proud of yourself of having established a new mannerism.

1. Stop procrastinating









The barrier that deters the most people from achieving their goals is the wish to relax instead of getting things done. Once you have started to procrastinate your To-Do’s, you need to exert yourself in order to drop this bad habit. We are convinced though that you are able to accomplish it with this 2-Minute Rule:
In case the task you want to procrastinate takes less then 2 minutes, like taking out the garbage, just complete it now. Apply this rule also to your goals that take more than 2 minutes and use this rule to start with them, as this is the most difficult part. Want to make going for a run a habit? Just follow the 2-Minute Rule, put on your shoes and leave your house. You will probably find yourself running for half an hour, as once you began, it’s a lot easier to continue.


2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle










This resolution often contains to get in shape, start a healthier diet or become more active. Whatever it is, that you want to achieve, we strongly advise you to be specific with your goal! Don’t just aim to implement a healthier diet, instead focus on eating less “junk”  and more “greens” and always plan ahead, for example by preparing your meals one day in advance, in order to make your intentions stick.


3. Learn to be grateful









Another possible resolution for you could be to practice gratitude more often in order to be happier with your life. Appreciating little joys, noticing what is really good in your life and what you are happy for, is going to change your mood incredibly and your overall happiness will be elevated whilst negative feelings tend to fade away.
Why don’t you write down 3 things that you are grateful for every single day in order to learn being grateful.


4. Overcome your vices









When you want to get rid of your vices,  such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, watching TV or eating chocolate everyday, it’s advisable to focus on the progress, not on perfection. Instead of leaving any sweets out completely, start to reduce your daily sugar intake and be aware that you are going to have ups and downs, but you can recover from mistakes and always get back on your track.

Take the plunge!