Winter is such a fabulous time of the year, and what is not to love about a cosy and festive wedding in the mountains? The fresh air, the lights, a beautiful atmosphere, together with the great company it can turn your day into a wonderful experience.

A wedding in the first months of the year often gets really chilly and in order to provide your guests a warm spot,  a cosy blanket is probably the perfect idea. A little gift that can always come in handy, especially in this fresh season.

Imagine walking down the aisle, listening to a masterpiece of Ludovico Einaudi, along with the chirping of the birds, and just the sound of nature. Such an unique moment to share with the best people in your life, which are going to lead your through this path with their best wishes for your future.

There is no better place you’d rather be then sitting on a table with your loved ones, enjoying a delicious Cheese Fondue. This hot-creamy dish is perfect for every occasion, but really recommendable on such occasions.

The cake of course has also to be in theme, covered with a white cream, reminding the snow. The decorations can also include leaves in different shades of green, and perhaps some winter berries, which will fit perfectly.

What could be a better way to end your perfect day than with sparklers. Sharing a moment full of peace and love with these beautiful little lights will turn your night memorable. The darkness in the mountains will be lit by the sparklers and the love.