Did you already come up with ideas for your family’s and friends’ Christmas presents? Or are you one of those who buy their presents at the last minute? If this appeals to you or you just didn’t have any ideas yet, we may help you with our selection of personal or hand-crafted Christmas gift ideas.

With this unique presents your beloved ones will be delighted in any case!


Photo Album
Let’s start with a simple, but suitable, idea that would please almost everyone: a photo album! You could create one of the last holiday you’ve spent together with your family and capture the most beautiful moments.


Engraved Jewellery
The next suggestion can be for the special someone you really care. Why don’t you give this person an engraved bracelet with your personal nickname for him or a special date that concerns you two.


Cookies in a Bottle
Besides the typical bread or cookies “in a bottle” you can take any recipe that your presentee prefers. You just need a bootle or jar, the recipe and the ingredients, but make sure that you leave the liquid ingredients like butter, eggs and milk out!


Personalised Phone Case
An individually designed phone case is an amazing gift for the every day use!


Personalised Mug
A personalised mug with a drawing or lovely saying will always remind your presentee of you. If you don’t have the artistic talent to draw it yourself, you have the possibility to create a design online at many different internet sites.


Chocolate Pineapple
This “fake” and self-made pineapple is a perfect gift for chocolate and champagne lovers.


Photo Collage
Do you have a close friend you’ve shared a long history with? Why don’t you create a collage with pictures of all the special moments you’ve experienced together. You could even use his name’s first letter for the shape!


Personalised Cushion
With this personalised heart cushion you can show your affection towards your darling!


Baked Goods
Are you a good baker? Why don’t you bake delicious Christmas cookies, chocolate slabs or make your own fudge for friends and family? We are convinced that they will be welcomed with joy!


Individually Created Calendar
Another great idea to capture the wonderful moments you’ve spent with your presentee is an individually created calendar with your favourite memories.